How to Choose Camping Chairs

Camping chairs are some of an essential gear you will take with you on your outdoor adventures. Perhaps they are not as essential as a multipurpose knife and plenty of water, but they certainly make the adventure more comfortable for enjoying a delicious cooked meal or just relaxing at night to do a little stargazing.

There are many types of camping chairs available, and it is not always easy to know which to choose. You can get regular fold-out camping chairs for big people, rocking chairs and even fancy zero-gravity chairs. To make things a little more complicated, chairs can go from anywhere from $15 for a simple but acceptable outdoor seat for the less frequent camper to over $100 for more complex and sturdy chairs.

Your decision should first be based on where it is that you will be doing your camping. If you are going to a campground frequented by other people that have hookups and other modern conveniences, you might be able to do with a few less expensive chairs. They are available in many colors including pink, so if you have anyone in your camping party that wants to err on the side of glamping, this is a color you can easily find at your local sporting goods store.

If you are a more serious camper or you want a chair that will see you through season after season of all different kinds of weather, you will want to select a sturdier and well-made chair. Again, depending on where you are camping and how you want to use the chair will help you determine if something like that relaxing zero-gravity chair is a good buy for your needs.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring your chairs with you when camping. They make the experience much more comfortable and fun.